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Zoom Natural Crystal Citrine Tree
Zoom Natural Crystal Citrine Tree
Zoom Natural Crystal Citrine Tree
Zoom Natural Crystal Citrine Tree

Natural Crystal Citrine Tree

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  • Introducing our Natural Crystal Citrine Tree of Life—a blend of two powerful symbols for a life full of joy and abundance. The Tree of Life isn't just a decent design; it's a symbol cherished across cultures for its connection to life, growth, and new beginnings. Now, mix that with Citrine stone, known as the 'Success Stone,' and you've got a radiant piece that's more than just beautiful. It's a magnet for good vibes, wealth, and happiness.
  • Feel the warmth? That's the Citrine stone and its sunny magic. It not only looks gorgeous but also brings a sprinkle of good fortune into your space. Each glowing bead of Citrine is wrapped in copper wire, making it a stunning decor piece and a talk-starter.
  • And guess what? Citrine's got more secrets. It's not just about the bling. It helps you think clearer, gets your creative juices flowing, and makes you feel the joy of giving.
  • The tree is hand-wrapped in copper wire and sits on an agate base, which represents balance, harmony, and stability.
  • 300+ Citrine Beads.
  • Since trees are handmade, each one is unique in terms of shape, color, and size.

Wondering where to place your Citrine Tree? Here's the lowdown:

Living Room: Let it take center stage and spread happiness to the whole family.

Office: Light up your workspace with creativity and dreams of making it big.

Kitchen: Perfect for the heart of the home where meals and memories are shared.

Entrance: Make your home's entryway instantly welcoming with its sunny vibes.

This Citrine Tree is more than just a pretty thing; it's a pocket of positive energy for any space.


Ideal for: Office, Home Décor.

Type: Crystal Tree.

Color: Yellow.

Tree Size (inch): 8.5 inch.

Beads Count (Approx. Length): 300 - 350 (For 1 Piece)

Stone: Citrine

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