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MCJ Pendants Design Online

Pendants are statement accessories that are attached to chain necklaces or are simply looped in the chains to dangle with grace.

Men, women and even kids adorn these fancy accessories that formulate huge trendsetting style quotients.

The earliest witnessed pendants were by Ancient Egyptians who initialized to embellish their naturally made necklaces with pieces of glasses and shells.

Subsequently the usage of these neck jewellery spread its magic worldwide and gradually terms like locket, neck bracelet and charm spruced up.

The pendants that are widely favored by masses are sterling silver pendants, pure silver pendant that are also known as chandi ka locket and last but not the least pendants made with gold and platinum.

Modern culture jewelry has a discrete array of silver pendant designs in sterling 925 to pour love on everyone; as the brand showcases a range of silver pendant for women, silver pendant for men and also includes a collection of kids silver pendant.

Each MCJ silver pendant is handmade with expertise to a standard of perfection, some have oxidized influence while some have enamel coatings but all of them are made to inspire and aspire.


We know you will be amused to see the whole assortment and end with a baffled mind to choose the best pendant online.

Let down your worried eyebrows as we have the entire quench for your thirst to find a perfect accessory for yourself.

Explore Our Wide Range of Pendant Designs Collections at MCJ Jewels

A silver pendant necklace has a pendant affixed with the necklace chain.

You can choose a stunning piece of sterling silver pendant necklace from the portal of Modern Culture Jewelry to accentuate your neckline.

These make a statement by swaying naturally with the head’s movement.

Kid’s Pendant

We have a unique assortment of kid’s pendants that have buttery smooth textures with enamel coating and possess radiance of bright stars with rhodium finish.

From girly guise to unisex spice we have something for every kid to adorn.

Silver Name Pendant

These pendants are on a top notch level in terms of demand as they radiate a personal approach of the wearer.

The name necklaces are customized jewelry pieces with the names engraved on their surface or are given a 3D look by handcrafting the cut out of the name.


Silver Pendant Set

A pendant set in silver is fundamentally a combination of complementing earrings with the pendant.

The Modern Culture Jewelry pendant that comes in a set with earrings has many variations as some have dangle earrings and some are combined with stud earrings.

The ruby sterling silver pendant necklace set is one of the pendants set from our collection.

Are you a person who loves being versatile in looks?

If Yes!!! The portal of Modern culture Jewelry is your place to be as the brand showcases various silver lockets for women that are handmade with expertise to shower stylish vibes all around.

  •       Antique sterling silver pendants that are patterned on contemporary designs in oxidized finish to impart vintage guise.
  •       Rose gold polish Pendants in 925 silver promise panache looks.
  •       White rhodium pendants made with sterling silver 925 radiate nothing less than opulence.
  •       Minimalist pendants are jewelry pieces that add a subtle and sober factor to any outfit; these best suit formal affairs.
  •       925 silver pendant with pearls are elegant pieces to accentuate any outfit to fill it with elegance.  

What is the difference between a silver necklaces and a silver pendant?

A necklace is a whole chunk of jewelry that may be further embellished with gemstones while a pendant is itself an embellishment that is fixed or looped into a necklace.

The pendant needs a chain to be adorned while the necklace can be worn independently.

What is the difference between a silver locket and a sterling silver locket

  •       A silver pendant is constructed with 99.9% silver components; the attribute of being soft in nature makes it almost obsolete to create unique silver locket design; on the other hand a sterling silver 925 pendant contains 92.5% silver and the remaining other metal.
  •       The tangible properties of sterling silver give the opportunity to craftsmen to create impeccable designs by carving, hammering and other such techniques.
  •       For instance silver cross pendant or a beautifully carved silver heart locket is possible only on a sterling silver base rather than pure silver.

Best ways to adorn silver pendants

The white rhodium polished pendants-

  •   These look best on white casual t-shirts for a casual outing.
  •   You can glide the dainty style when paired with a pretty dress for a Sunday brunch.
  •   If paired with denim shirts or denim dresses, these sterling pendants leave everyone mesmerized with the sheen of this combination.

Some of our brand’s such pendants are stylized heart shape minimalist silver pendant, Natural garnet love key 925 silver pendant.


Pendants in rose gold polish -

  •   The pendants with rose gold finish look best with outfits in red, purple, white, brown and blue.
  •   The accessories in rose gold turn out to be head turners.

Modern culture jewelry has a collection of rose gold pearl necklaces that look adorable on any outfit with the sophistication they possess.

Oxidized silver pendants-

  •   These are made to impart royal vibes with ethnic outfits.
  •   But if paired on crop tops with flared skirts or outfits like maxi dresses or any fusion outfits these impart bohemian looks.

Find the best oxidized pendants online at our portal and one of them is an antique floral oxidized silver necklace.

Enamel pendants -

  •   The enamel topped pendants promise to bring summer vibes in any season.
  •   The bright yet soft hues appear dainty and add a pop of colors to even a plain and dull outfit.