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MCJ Brand Story

Modern Culture Jewellery - MCJ

A distinctive brand of exquisite Handmade Jewelry.

The name – “Modern Culture Jewellery” defines itself well – modish yet modest.

MCJ (Modern Culture Jewellery) is a dream woven from the heart of a middle-aged Indian homemaker using the strands of culture and modernism together on the loom of the reveries with a vision of fusing two eras together.

The story of the beginning of a saga…

An astonishing piece of jewelry is an outcome of incredible inspiration.

Indian royals, especially Rajasthan Royals, have been recognized worldwide for their majestic jewelries. By the passage of time, the successors have dispersed in different work fields.

The whole family of Akars’, inheritors of Zagirdar(Landlords) in Rajgharana of Jaipur are successfully dwelling in the automobile sector.

But as it is said , ‘You can stay away from your instinct but your instinct never stays away from you’ and this verve took some members of Akar family to re-invent cultural jewelry in a modern wrap inspired by their 200 years old inheritance in Jaipur.

And one fine day just looking at her legacy jewelry pieces, Priyanka Akar, (the Co-founder of MCJ) realized that she was lacking something in her life and that was jewelry designing.

Belonging to a traditional jewelry business family of Old City of Jaipur, jewelry had been imprinted in her mind and soul since childhood.

Subsequently, MCJ was born the day she was certain that her creative slant towards jewelry combined with Abhenav Akar’s(Husband and Co-founder) business intellect would surely leave no stone unturned.

Classic and Covetable

Priyanka’s both families become her inspiration by observing the generations transiting from traditional to modern but not leaving culture behind the path is the golden rule she follows for designing.

With its cutting –edge designs, Modern culture Jewellery appreciates that now has come the epoch of unveiling the traditional screen and contemporizing the traditional jewelry to satisfy the quest of the modern world.

The collection

Today, everyone has liberty to express, freedom to work, right to walk hand-in-hand with anyone around, indiscreet of race and caste.

Quintessentially, the jewelry one adorns portrays the person’s personality traits and is a symbol to express unsaid emotions.

And to quench the mutifolded thirst for versatile jewelry, MCJ concocts eloquent handmade artifacts in Sterling Silver 925, gemstone studded precious and semi-precious jewelry that is an amalgamation of avant-gardism and Indian tradition.

Each and every piece is designed with sheer love and distinct expertise sailing on purity. The array has inclusions of earrings, rings, toe rings and much such statement jewelry.

The Team

Stepped in the sparkling world with a mission of bestowing unparalleled jewelry and gradually on the path, Modern culture Jewellery is becoming a strong crew that has transparency and maintains a healthy work ecosystem that surely is the key to success and amplifies productivity.

The Gleamy Vision

Modern Culture Jewellery has a vision to create a marshaling of state-of-the-art enticing jewelry that can upscale everyone in terms of fashion in an unbiased manner. Fashion does not discriminate its fanatics on the basis of age, gender or living standards, it wraps everyone with love so as the brand missions to do. Our brand aims to become the unique and distinct face of statement jewelry that anyone can adorn, be it an infant, a kid, an adolescent, a man, a woman, a trans beauty or the lovely LGBTs; we want everyone to blaze with radiance of purity and self-love as everyone is special in one or the other way and no one should be left uncolored from the dazzling shine.