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Toe Rings

About MCJ Toe Rings

Toe rings in silver have always been considered an auspicious and a significant ornament in India. Traditionally toe rings were only donned by married women to telecast their marital status but now it has become a trendy approach to refurbish culture into style and this is what  Modern culture Jewelry does by offering a stunning assortment of silver toe rings to help you outshine and clobber the mass .

It is scientifically proven that donning toe rings benefits women's health in various ways as it conducts heat and improves blood circulation, therefore this is the reason it is gaining fame across the globe. Mostly worn in the second toe of foot, the upshot comes by applying a little pressure on this toe finger that balances Prana(vital energy) which makes it a momentous  jewelry.

Female equilibriums and manages her home, her work, her family to make a smooth and flawless journey throughout  and these small foot rings are designed to balance and revitalize her from within.

Latest Toe Ring Designs Collection at MCJ

The brand has a range of traditionally modish sterling silver toe rings that are fashion faithful and provide an elegant yet chic approach to the ensembles.

From oxidized toe ring to kundan stone toe rings and finely carved toe rings adorned with gemstones and ankle bells come together to form an array of astonishing designs in handmade craftsmanship.

Why buy Modern Culture Jewelry toe rings?

The brand is an epitome of purity and possesses expertise, the exquisite patterns and the eloquent designs are hard to find in the segment.

  • The entire range consists of adjustable toe rings that have been stamped with 925 impressions for purity assurance. 
  • Even the most delicate guised design has a sturdy construction to make it a legacy jewelry piece.
  • A premium quality 92.5 sterling silver is used that makes it hypoallergenic furthermore promises a tarnish free life-span.
  • All the toe rings provide a comfort fit.

Types of Toe Ring Designs Online

Antique Toe Rings

These sorts of toe rings for women are self-proclaiming with the oxidized finish they are topped with. The finish can turn any chic design into an antique allure thus giving contemporary vibes.

Maharashtrian Jodvi Toe Rings

The jodvi rings personify sophistication with the simple wide band pattern. A pride of Mahrashtrian brides, these are perfectly cylindrical shaped with little or no decorative elements.

Thumb Toe Rings

These are toe bands meant to beautify the big toe fingers. The toe finger ring offers a comfortable fit without compromising style, thus becoming a fashion faithful casual foot accessories.  


The minimalist foot ring - Amvat is an extremely sleek wire that just snugs calmly on the toe to add a polished look to any ensemble.

Payal With Toe Rings

A bridal affair – these toe rings are generally heavy weighted and are attached to anklets with a designer string to create a distinct niche for the wearer.

Double Toe rings

This classification of silver bichiya brings in the festive vibes with the profoundly adorned two toe rings that are looped together with simple or decorative chains meant to beautify toe toe fingers simultaneously. 

Temple Jewelry Toe Rings

A gold plated pair of leg finger ring that has a pure traditional essence in its design. A jewel of the Southern portion of India, these are gemstone studded toe rings for women and are usually adorned by married women rather than unmarried ones. 

Pola Toe Rings

Formulated to accentuate three foot fingers in a single go, the Pola rings are patterned on three rings attached together with decorative chains. The triple toe ring is considered to be the most effective conductor of positive energy from earth to the wearer’s body. 

Stone Toe Rings

These beauties are embellished with gemstones- precious or semi-precious  and sometimes with kundans to give a traditional appearance. The amalgamation of gemstones and silver make this jewelry piece the most calming statement ornament. 

Floral Toe Rings

Women are synonymous to flowers and these toe rings stand true to the female beauty with their floral motifs that may be stylised or simple but all intend to impart feminine guise to the ensembles. 

Visit our portal to discover a whole range of floral toe rings to magnetize gazes to your beautiful feet. 

Ankle Bells Toe Rings

The nostalgia provided by the kind of toe rings is just beyond words, a bunch of ankle bells add grace to the rings either just on the front portion or might dangle in joy.

Enamel Toe Rings

These add a pop of color to the appearance by the striking color combinations that are topped with a scoop of shiny enamel which brings out the true colors of the carved motifs.

Beautiful Feet With Mcj Toe Rings

Toe rings have stepped into the world of trends; from being just a traditional piece of jewelry it has now become a fashion accessory. 

  • Best suited with open toe footwear, like a pair of Kolhapuri Jutis will go merrily with a pair of stunning toe rings and in whole will upscale the wearer’s appearance. 
  • For a twist in style, one can adorn a toe ring in either of the feet for a minimal yet chic look.
  • One can create a mesmerizing style statement by adorning multiple toe rings in a foot to dramatize the boho look.    

Modern culture jewelry is an abode to sterling silver 925 handmade jewelry, formulated with perfection to make you a style Diva!!! 

Visit our portal for statement necklaces, sterling oxidized rings, gemstone bangles, 925 silver anklets, furthermore the never ending list shows the brand’s enthusiasm to place your style statement at the top notch.