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MCJ Silver Anklets Online at Best Prices

This pretty ornament accentuates the ankles with its feminine grace by surrounding their circumference.

The jewelry world acknowledges Ancient Egypt brought forth this foot accessories in the 1800s, since then the anklets have spread their magic in the rest of the world.

Silver anklets have always been contemplated as fashion jewelry pieces since then, women of all classes used to flaunt their financial status through these foot bracelets that varied in gold, iron and silver material.

Gradually South Asia became its most prominent nest, the designs and materials have witnessed numerous amendments to make it a modern day adornment.

Indian royals welcomed these foot accessories with open hands but made sure to customize them in silver; as in India gold is considered inauspicious if worn below waist.

Henceforth anklets have become a part of our country’s tradition; these ornaments hold an essential place in an Indian bride’s trousseau as it depicts good fortune and happiness to gift the bride a beautiful pair of anklets.

India is a diverse land with varied languages that influences the names of ornaments; some entitle anklets as silver payal, some as vendi pattilu or silver pattilu and some as panjeb or jhanjhariya and some term it as chandi ki payal.

Shop The Latest Collection Of Anklets Online

Modern culture Jewelry showcases a beautiful assortment of 925 silver anklets online that has diversification of anklet design and silver payal price however each piece is handmade with expertise to create a trendsetting style statement.

The brand has an array of latest anklet designs in silver; some possess the finest silver carvings and some are embellished with gemstones and kundans nevertheless all of them float on the same boat of stylish elegance.


Each silver payal design has its own significance and making a sound choice according to the occasion is the key to perfect styling and here is your guide to know the various anklet forms deeply.

Antique Sterling Silver 925 Anklets Designs

These anklets have credence towards antique jewelry pieces with their oxidized finish being the reason.

The vintage anklets impart traditional guise yet are patterned with chic motifs to develop a distinct niche for the bearer.

Some of the antique silver anklets modern culture jewelry offers are Elephant Charm Silver Anklets and Bar Chain Anklet.

Vendi Pattilu

Every girl grows up with a wish to become a beautiful bride one day and these silver anklets are the bridal allures.

Silver Pattilus are heavy weighted and wide based anklets that make their presence feel to everyone with sets of ankle bells adjoining them.

Traditionally, patilu was a pure silver payal but now with the never ending demands to remain trendy; it is being made as sterling silver anklet too.

Evil Eye Anklet Silver

These silver anklets possess a blue colored embellishment that has an evil eye formation over it.  The blue evil eye either serves as a drop or is looped in the formation of anklets.

The anklets are said to guard against any misfortune and bring good luck to the wearer.

These are the new age accessories that have engulfed the whole jewelry arena with its grace. Nowadays people have started using evil eye jewelry to adorn their newborn babies too.

Beach silver Anklets

These light weighed cute anklets offer summery vibes by the dainty designs they possess. Beach anklets are generally based on tropical themes, some of such 925 silver anklets by Modern Culture Jewelry are Floral Palma Chain Anklets, Silver Drops Anklets, Boho Leaf Silver Anklets, Oxidized Silver


Don’t get confused after seeing so many variations as Modern Culture Jewelry is here to guide you on How to style anklets!!!

Anklets For Kids

Kids anklets should always have a buttery smooth texture and can be worn on either of the ankles or both of them. There are numerous options of anklets for girls and anklets for babies embellished with ankle bells and other cute dangle drops to accentuate those little feet.  

Anklets For Weddings

Bling up the style quotient with heavily adorned anklets that have ankle bells, gemstone embellishments, kundan work. These sorts of silver anklets for women tantalize the whole ethnic ensemble and add an eye-catching sparkle.

Anklets For Office

Anklets with ankle bells is a big NO for offices, you can style up your formals by adding a chic glow with sleek anklets.

Pro Tip- Wear it on one ankle to show off your versatile personality.

Everyday Anklets

Casual anklets should have a carefree fit and should snug onto your ankles like your second skin. These should be light in weight yet ought to flair with stylish radiance.

These can be your companion in enhancing your beach diaries too.

Importance of Wearing Anklets

It is strongly believed that silver or sterling silver 925 ornaments boast calming properties and are proven to keep unseen evil at bay that makes anklets a perfect ornament for babies too.

Anklets do not let one’s energy get wasted instead it reverses it back to the wearer’s body with a bang.

Anklets with ankle bells are considered auspicious as these spread harmony all around with the soothing bell sounds.

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