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Jewellery Care

Every precious thing quests for special attention and jewelry sits on the first row of seeking special care. Your little bit of care can take your ornaments a long way to become your family’s heirlooms.
Jewellery by MCJ Jewels appears superb yet requires low key maintenance and we are sure you will be amused to see the spectacular designs and buy them within a blink of the eye.
Jewelry are not merely adornments to enhance the wearer’s appearance but each and every jewelry piece is filled with an emotional essence in it. Thus sustaining your jewelry pieces is honoring those emotions attached with it and here are some guidelines for the same.

Jewelry Tips and Tricks

Jewelry whether it’s gold, silver or diamond; it should be worn last after your dress up as the jewelry pieces hate to be perfumed and are not good friends of other beauty products too. As these are your precious assets, remember to remove them before you change your attire.

Basic Jewellery Care

Nurturing your ornaments with a basic care routine will nourish their sheen to last for long spans. The basic jewelry care starts from storing them in the most appropriate place.
Always remember to place them back in the cushioned jewelry boxes that air tight.If you are thinking boxes will take much of your storage place then you can use zip pouches, that would surely serve the purpose.

Accessories by MCJ JEWELS are made with superior quality material and are topped with premium finish that does not tarnish, still pouring some love over them wouldn’t harm anything though it will attach you more with your jewelry pieces. 
Each of MCJ JEWELS’s jewelry is a statement accessory, you wouldn’t feel to unfasten them at all but in case you are on an outing and want to remove your any accessory, just wrap them in a soft cloth or a scarf and make them to sleep in a cozy soft bed inside your handbag. 

Pro Tip - Carry a microfibre cloth or cotton swabs with you to keep your jewelry safely in a bag while on the go.

Jewelry Care Instructions

Your jewelry wants you to strictly abide by some directions to remain your style partner for a lifetime and to stylise your appearance flawlessly. 

It is astonishing to know that you can prepare a DIY jewelry cleaning solution and clean your jewelry pieces on your own at your cozy home.

Oxidised Silver Jewellery Care

1. Don’t make your sterling silver jewelry to contribute a helping hand in your household chores instead make them comfortable in their cozy beds. It’s mandatory to remove your pretty sterling jewelry before you start with any house chore as obviously you wouldn’t want your jewelry to suffer.

2. Always put them in their original jewelry boxes or if you don’t have those boxes even an airtight container can do wonders for their storage, similarly zip pouches do the work appropriately. 

3. Always remember; your jewelry loves to take their beauty sleep in dark and cool places so store it that way. 
3. Silver jewelry does not like things like paper and cardboard. Furthermore, do not store your shiny metals in these two materials as the sulfur component can harm your silver.

5. There are anti tarnish cloths available for jewelry storage.

6. Your silvers hate taking showers or a dip in the swimming pool, so restrain accessorizing while doing so.

7.Like our bodies need an annual health check up, so do our jewelry; make it a point to take your jewelry to the jewelry shop for professional cleaning every year.

Handmade Jewelry Care Instructions

Handmade jewelry pieces are not less than any treasury yet maintaining them is not a rocket science. 
1. Every handmade piece has its own individuality, so these distinct pieces need separate storing spaces to be comfortable. 

2. The necklaces need to be laid straight or according to their shapes in stiff boxes. 

3. The handmade jewelry has hand tied loops and hooks subsequently wearing and unfastening them carefully is necessary. 

4. Remember to fasten hooks and locks if storing the jewelry as this step will avoid tangling. 

5. If possible, wipe your jewelry with a clean microfibre cloth after every use.

 You’ll dance with joy after learning this simple care trick; Wear your silver jewelry as often as possible, as the natural oils secreted from your skin will keep your silver jewelry sheen intact.
We know! It is hard to stay away from trendy accessories, so make your everyday a trendsetting one with the eloquent handmade jewelry by MCJ Jewels that are made just perfect to enhance your every occasion stylishly.


How do you make jewelry last longer?

Everyone wants their jewelry to last long for a lifetime and for that it is essential to give it an extra potion of care. 

Fasten and unfasten your jewelry carefully, cleaning it on a regular basis and finally storing them appropriately is the key for a lifetime of happiness and companionship with your jewelry

How do you keep jewelry shiny and clean?

Cleansing is the remedy for retaining the original shine of your jewelry. Prepare a DIY cleaning solution and clean your accessories at home on a regular basis. A clean accessory always looks shiny and reflects your well groomed personality.

How do you store and care for jewelry?

Keep your jewelry away from moisture and air to avoid tarnish build up. You should always fasten the hooks and store your jewelry in airtight containers, zip locks or jewelry boxes.

 Pro tip - store your jewelry with silica pouches to keep them away from any  moisture.

Caretaking your jewelry is synonymous to caring for your child as your ornaments totally depend upon you.

Wearing your accessories should be the last step while getting ready and should be the first step while changing the ensemble. Don’t leave your jewelry anywhere after removing it, rather put it to sleep in a dark and cool place there and then.