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Buy MCJ Silver Necklaces Online in India

Mankind has always had a special magnetic attraction towards necklaces, the primeval neck accessories worn by men and women used to be formulated with sturdy natural twines adorned with shells, stones or other naturally procured embellishments.

With the passage of time, man evolved and subsequently did the jewelry.

Pouring some light on necklaces; the base materials have changed from natural yarns to gold and silver; furthermore embellishments have changed from shells and stones to diamonds and gemstones.

Now is the epoch of experimenting looks with various and eloquent accessories due to which silver necklaces have become the favorite jewelry category accessories at present.

Best Handmade MCJ Jewelry Collections Online

Modern culture Jewelry presents you a unique assortment of silver jewelry that includes 925 sterling silver necklaces, 92.5% silver bangles, sterling silver anklets, 925 silver rings and antique silver jewelry.

The whole collection is handmade with expertise to spread the vibes of elegance by wrapping the bearer in arms of fashion with timeless designs in antique allures.

Like the earrings, necklaces also should be selected according to face shape to nourish the wearer’s beauty.

Necklace For Round Face Shape –

These beauties need long necklaces to accentuate their looks as the face shape quests for accessories that have length to balance the guise.

Our Brand has a unique collection of silver necklace set in 925 variation that look regal in long length and also there is a huge array of silver pendant necklace to provide round face shapes new dimensions to flair in grace.

Necklace for Heart Shape or Rectangular Shape– 

The necklace design that suits a heart shaped beauty is a choker necklace.

You can find a stunning collection of silver choker necklace that possess handcrafted curves to accentuate these shape’s beauty. The curves in these necklaces impart softness to sharp features of the heart and rectangular faces.

Modern culture Jewelry has a distinct collection of antique silver necklace that includes chokers, collar necklaces and princess length necklaces.


Necklaces For Square Shape –

A square face has every feature in similar width except for jawline that has sharp angles and to combat the wideness of other features; round necklaces, wide mouthed necklaces and deep V shape necklaces suit them well.


Shop from our range of silver necklaces that impeccably adorn the square shape face beauties with beautifully handmade oxidized necklace having natural essence in designs.  


Necklaces for Oval face shape -  

These are the blessed ones as they can enjoy any necklace type with their ensembles.

Modern culture jewelry’s range of silver jewelry sets has versatility in designs, shapes and dimensions.

There are inclusions of sterling silver pendants in oxidized finishes and enamel toppings to suit your lifestyle well.

Not only the face shape is essential but also neck lengths are important factors to choose the best neck jewelry.

Necklaces for long neck -

The long necks require a break in their lengths; accordingly a choker necklace proves to be the best choice for long necked women.

Necklaces for short neck –

These beauties need to give an illusion of elongation to their neck and face. The long length necklaces are the best for this sort of neck.

‘Today’s trend is to be trendy’ and expressing through the jewelry pieces one adorns is an unparalleled move as these accessories silently articulate the emotions embedded somewhere inside the wearer.

The marketplaces are surging with various styles of sterling silver jewelry but choosing them wisely is the key to a sensibly fashionable YOU !!!

What is antique silver jewelry?

The oxidized finish provides a gradation of black hues to the jewelry pieces that gives an illusion of it being antique or vintage.

Modern culture Jewelry has an exquisite range of antique sterling silver necklace that has a mesmerizing aura and takes you back to the mid-century eras.

We all observe distinct sorts of necklaces but do we really know the individuality all of them hold?

Modern culture Jewelry has a self proclaiming jewelry list and here is its guide.

Silver Layered Necklace

The necklace set has multiple chains interlocked at the top and each strand sways in style; this sort of necklace may sometimes possess a pendant too. You can find such necklaces at our portal; Interlocked dual chain silver beads necklace set and Multi chain labradorite oxidized silver necklace are some of them.

Kundan Necklace

Kundan stones are imitation stones in striking colors that are embellished on necklaces to beautify it for a spellbinding formation. The kundan stone studded sterling silver necklaces by Modern culture Jewelry are sterling silver kundan choker, peacock design vintage oxidized silver necklace.

Pendant Necklace Set 

A necklace set that has a chain adjoined to a pendant is a Pendant necklace set. The length may vary but all stand on a singular line of sophistication with style.

Some of Modern culture jewelry’s pendant sets in sterling 925 silver are carnelian sterling silver pendant necklace, ruby sterling silver pendant necklace set.

Choker Necklace

Another familiar term is collar necklace, as the name defines itself this necklace adds a stylish glow to the neckline by adhering on the neck’s circumference.

Modern Culture Jewelry has a beautiful range of oxidized chokers in sterling silver 925; some of them are Tribal Hasli Silver Necklace, Stylized Parrot Silver Oxidized Choker, Lotus collar necklace in sterling silver 925, Floral silver choker and there are many more to enhance your appearance.

The Tribal hasli silver necklace is hand carved with chitai work to give it a traditional yet chic look.

Antique Necklace

An antique necklace is a majestic amalgamation of traditional motifs with embellishments of gemstones and kundan stones in a heavy weighted pattern.

These fashion faithful accessories are usually designed in long length to impart kingship era’s vibes.

You can find such necklaces at our portal and a few of them are Handmade vintage pearl silver necklace, Emerald sterling silver necklace.

Amulet Silver Necklace

These are designed on a tribal theme possessing an amulet pendant. The people of undeveloped societies used to wear the amulets to keep unseen evil at bay.

Our range of Amulet silver necklaces includes multi chain labradorite oxidized, Amulet oxidized silver pendant necklace.

Our collection of silver necklace for women showcases a wide diversification of designs and utility providing office wear jewelry, casual jewelry and festive jewelry.

So wherever you go become a trendsetter with our exclusive jewelry pieces !!!!