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More About Earrings

Since the inception of civilization many things have paved their way to change themselves fully but one thing that has prevailed the times is humans ornamenting themselves.

An important facet of ornaments is earrings.

Initially earrings were a symbol of wealth and style but it was confined to only the opulent segment.

During the passage of time fashion gradually wrapped everyone in its arms likewise earrings became an essential jewelry piece for everyone as these express the unsaid emotions of the wearer.

Importance of Silver Earrings

Silver Jewelry has emerged as a muse for modern ornaments, especially the silver earrings.

Being the most malleable metal, the modishness procured in light of silver’s tangible attributes is a treat to eyes and has surpassed gold and diamond in terms of popularity due to its tremendous attributes.

  •         The silver color is said to gain its sheen and hue from a Greek Goddess.
  •         Its energy from the moon that successively turns it into a calming metal.
  •         The world is going gaga over Silver earrings due to its health benefits and appearance.
  •         This ore is a symbol of purity, precision, focus and has proved its mettle to infuse positive energy in the beholder. 
  •         Silver earrings are a modish jewelry piece that can accentuate even a newborn with its style.
  •         Silver metal is said to ward off unseen evil while imparting positive vibes.

It is astonishing to witness the sky-rocketing fame of this shiny metal.

A Subtle Fashion lies on speculation

A popular maxim says – ‘Beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes’ but now it has become a passé and the new adage is  - ‘The trend is to be trendy’.

And to become a trendsetter one needs to have versatility in accessorizing oneself; as it is a dire need to have a stylish wardrobe and complementing accessories every new day but with an economical attitude.

Sterling silver 925 earrings are the best alternative of flaring in style while saving you from being spendthrift.

  •         Sterling Silver Jewelry  is a blessing in disguise for the mass to be upscale due to its multifaceted designs.
  •         Sterling Silver 925 Jewelry by Modern Culture Jewelry comes in an array of distinctive artistic impressions that emerges to be modish jewelry pieces.
  •       MCJ silver earrings go unparalleled by possessing (un)believable aesthetic and functionality values.
  •         From showcasing silver earrings for women to kids, the brand shows love to everyone.
  •         This precious metal jewelry is nickel free consequently has a hypoallergenic property thus making it skin-friendly.
  •         Its pliant ability allows it to reform in any way to create masterpieces thus making it the most preferred metal for formulating statement jewelry pieces.
  •         Due to its robust composition, the metal facilitates embellishing gemstones over it. Trust us!!! The amalgamation becomes remarkably unmatchable.
  •         Become a head turner by adorning the sterling silver 925 artifacts by Modern culture jewelry to feel urbane eloquently that includes gemstone silver earrings and a range of oxidized earrings.
  •       Sterling silver jewelry has been scientifically proven to possess stupendous antimicrobial and antibacterial agents.
  •         It has been benchmarked to improve blood circulation, to balance body temperature and it tends to continuously heal skin (a simple formula to remain youthful).
  •         One can witness an array of 925 silver earrings that are designed specially to combat anxiety and stress.
  •         The metal be-holding so much magnetism needs very less upkeep.

These jewelry pieces have paved their way to be the most voguish statement jewelry and people are going gaga over it.

MCJ Silver Earrings Shapes And Designs

Every face shape beholds a distinct beauty though adorning it with perfectly suitable accessories instills more confidence in the wearer and determining your face shape is essential for that.

Round shape face – this beautiful shape has curved outer edges with round chin while cheekbone being the widest part.

Square shape face – The forehead, cheekbones and jaw are synchronized in the same width but the jaw possesses sharp angles.

 Oval shape face – oval faces are slightly longer than their width with rounded jaw and forehead.

Rectangle shape face – this is an oblong face shape that slightly variates from square shape; the forehead, jawline and cheeks are generally of the same width.

Diamond face shape – this rare beauty is defined by narrow forehead and chin with wide cheekbones.

It is quintessential to choose earrings in accordance to your face shape to boast a flawless look and finding the perfect match can be a strenuous task.

Don’t worry!!! Modern culture jewelry is here to quench the thirst for achieving accurate guidance.

Earrings for round shapes

  •       Danglers, drop earrings, chandelier earrings, square and oval shaped earrings are perfect to accentuate that cute chubby face.
  •       These earring’s shapes provide a slender appearance imparting an elongated approach to the apple shaped face.

Earrings for oval face shape

  •       Oval face shape beauties outrank as they can flaunt any earring’s shape without the fear of earrings being understated or overpowered.
  •       However these beauties can bedazzle everyone by wearing hoop earrings, stud earrings, triangle shaped earrings and teardrop earrings.
  •       These kinds of earrings work best to emphasize their cheek bones thus attaining a glamorous look.

Earrings for square face shape

  •       The definite shape needs some beautiful curves for a balanced and prettier look.
  •       Pair of medium to large round or oval shaped earrings works best for this shape.
  •       Hoop earrings are the best option to bring fore the well defined beauty of a square face.

Earrings for diamond face shape

  •       The shape needs some fullness downwards.
  •       Studs accent the earlobes and provide width to the lower part of the face.
  •       Chandelier earrings are wider at the bottom and are the second best option to nourish the style quotient.

Earrings for rectangle shape

  •       The earrings patterned on small drops accentuate the look.
  •       Even chandelier earrings or jhumkas suit this face shape best.

Explore Wide Range OF MCJ Sterling Silver Earrings Online  

Modern culture jewelry offers an eloquent assortment of silver earrings in varied shapes and designs to suit everyone’s lifestyle, though each pair of earring rests silently on the ears yet speaks volumes about the wearer's personality.

The varied earrings designs include studs, silver hoop earrings, dangle and drop earrings, silver jhumkas.

Silver Stud Earrings

  •         This is a minimalist style jewelry piece that provides utmost comfort
  •         Can be easily worn with pushback or screw locks
  •         Stud earrings are generally gemstone or pearl earrings that form its whole body and accent the earlobes.
  •         Your search for the finest silver studs will end at Modern Culture Jewelry ‘s portal.

Drop Earrings

  •         A part of drop earrings are adhered on earlobes and the rest sways in style below the ears.
  •         These earrings vary in sizes from medium to long.
  •         Our brand offers oxidized danglers, drop and dangle earrings in sterling silver 925.
  •         All the earrings go from office hours to after hours in style.


Hoop Earrings

  •         These are round or half round earrings and jacket the ears with their structure that starts from earlobes and ends at the backside.
  •         Are a symbol of infinity due to their shape.
  •         Modern culture jewelry offers distinctive designs of silver hoop earrings that are a timeless treasure.

Jhumka Earrings

Modern culture jewelry presents an array of silver earrings that are wrapped in modernism through enacting from traditions.

Jhumkaa earrings hold an essence of culture yet glistening in urbane style.

These sway naturally with head movement.

Mismatch Earrings

  •         These dare the wearer to dazzle in the shine of a polished look.
  •         The pair of earrings have different motifs to highlight each ear differently.
  •         One such pair is vintage coin pearl earrings.