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Kids Jewellery

Fashionable Kid’s Jewellery Online For Your Little Princess

Childhood is an age segment full of vigorous energy that is almost hard to discipline. But what if you get to know you can maintain a healthy equilibrium in your children by adorning them with pretty silver jewellery. Kids always soil their hands now and then that heightens their tendency of getting ill and you can make them fight against cold and flu with the help of silver jewelry. 

Pure silver and 925 sterling silver jewelry possess antimicrobial properties that facilitate the wearer being hail and hearty. It is essential to choose Kids silver jewelry tactfully as inferior quality jewelry may hamper the kid’s soft skin.

MCJ kid’s jewellery consists of an assortment of sterling silver 925 accessories that are handmade to a standard of perfection in buttery smooth textures. Excited to stylise your kid with silver jewellery, here is a detailed guide to put together on mcj jewels

Silver Jewellery For Kids & Babies Online India

India is a land of traditions and an abode to cultures and spirituality. Since our birth, silver has become our companion for the rest of our lives, gifting silverware and silver jewellery pieces to a newborn is quintessential in the country.

It is a strong belief to adorn new born babies with a pair of silver anklets as it is said to ward off evil eyes and the calming properties of silver numerously benefits the newbie. 

There are many factors to be considered while selecting jewelry for a baby.

  • The most curated is sterling silver jewellery as it is comparatively smoother than pure silver jewellery.


  • Turn your babies into style icons by accentuating their pretty ankles with satin smooth baby silver anklets.


  • You can choose black beads baby anklets that prove to barricade evil eyes and look chic too.


As fashion is for everyone, why leave the tiny wrists behind!!!!  Accentuate your newborn’s wrists with silver bangles. There are various options available for baby silver bangles but opt only for the best for your baby. 

  • Always buy from a trusted jewelry brand. 
  • Opt for baby bangles without any danglers as the babies can put the drops in their mouth that might prove hazardous. 
  • It should have a proper fit on their wrist. 
  • And should be as smooth as silk.
  • Even a simple bangle with minimal detailing would look great on a baby's wrists or you can also choose a black bead baby bangle.

Kids Necklace & Silver Pendant Online at Best Prices

Kids skin is as soft as flowers, thus garnishing them with superior quality jewellery is a must.

Factors to be considered while choosing kids pendant or a kid’s necklace:

  • The material should be authentic 925 sterling silver as the purity assures skin friendly attributes that is the most important thing to be considered. 
  • Always choose a smoothly finished kids necklace. 
  • Upscale your kid’s style statement with pop of colorful jewellery.
  • Character jewellery especially with a soft enamel coating looks best on children.

Gift them the silver jewellery they would love to wear by MCJ Jewels, find the cutest collection of enamel pendants for kids.

  1. Enamel Girl Silver Pendant
  2. Cinderella Cart Silver Pendant

The pendants are formulated with nickel free sterling silver 925 and are smoothly finished with rhodium polish. If your kid loves simplicity, then add a stylish quotient with a kid’s silver chain.

Nowadays many schools don’t allow accessories like pendants so a simple chain is a resort here.

Kid’s Silver Bracelet

The after school hours need a cushion of styling for your kids as why only adults sit on the fashion roller coaster. The marketplaces are flooded with bracelets for kids that look amazingingly good. 

This is the age when you can experiment their looks with dangler kid’s bracelets as now your kids have an intellect to not to put the dangling drops in their mouth, so this sort of bracelet or A kid bangle wouldn’t hamper them instead will enhance their appearance. 

Sterling silver 925 jewelry has versatility in patterns and designs; whether you are heading to a beach trip or for a shopping spree with your kids, turn them into trendsetters in terms of fashion with the kids' fashion accessories available in sterling silver.

The list of kids' silver jewelry does not end here, kid’s silver earrings are a major part of it. 

Earrings are a must have accessory for everyone. In  many cultures of our country, the ears are pierced at the age of 13 days of life, some do after 6 months of childbirth and many get the kid’s ears pierced after 3 years.

Ear piercing is said to activate both sides of the brain, so is considered auspicious as well as important for babies across India, silver earrings being the most curated ones amongst all.

Earrings For Babies

Babies have tiny ears, thus ornamenting the cuties with wire silver studs is the key to fashion and also they provide safety as these sort of earrings adhere to the earlobe seamlessly. 

Earrings For Kids

At this age your child can wear whatever it takes to upscale the style statement. Be it a girl or a boy; everyone loves to wear and swear by fashion, you can even find unisex kid’s earrings online.

  • Enhance their school hours with specifically designed kid’s studs
  • Ornament them for after hours with pretty dangle and drop earrings for kids
  • But the most important factor is comfort and convenience as an appropriate fit will provide your kid a confident appearance.

Let them choose their style on their own, as kids love to be themselves and imposing your choices might subsequently hamper their cognitive growth. Your personality reflects in your kid’s perception so be a style diva by adorning yourself with the silver jewellery by MCJ Jewels.

 The brand offers 925 sterling silver rings to enhance your hand beauty. You can choose from a well expressive range of silver statement necklaces to impart a polished look at any occasion. 

There are silver earrings on the brand’s portal to nourish your looks;  even the brand offers sterling bangles and oxidised jewellery that speak volumes about your style statement.

Kids Jewellery Box For Surprise Gifts

Surprise them with a kids jewellery box consisting of the magnificent MCJ kids jewellery that are designed with sheer love and purity for your loved ones. You can find perfect gifting options at the brand’s website for new mothers and their babies.


 A new mother requires healing jewellery pieces for post natal care, thus gifting her a set of silver anklets and silver toe rings is the best choice to welcome her to the motherhood club. 

We are sure you would be spellbound with every jewellery piece of MCJ JEWELS.