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MCJ Silver Ring Designs Online at Best Prices

MCJ Silver Ring Designs Online at Best Prices

Rings have long been the symbol of eternal love. It is evident; the first ring was a wedding band ring that was made of braided reeds and hemp in Ancient Egypt that was worn on the fourth-finger of the left hand as they believed it to be the ‘vein of love’.

Since then rings have become an essential jewelry piece to adorn and flaunt.

Gradually, rings have transformed from simple to eloquent and have made their way to the top notch and most loved jewelry pieces especially silver rings; primarily known as chandi ki ring or chandi ki anguthi in India.

Today is the era of statement jewelries that has become a medium of expressing unsaid emotions and the mass is going gaga over accentuating their looks by wearing an assortment of rings discreet of the materials as the ‘avant-garde is the new flair’.

We at Modern Culture Jewelry showcase an array of distinct jewelry that gracefully suits your lifestyle.

The collection goes from office wear jewelry to casual jewelry pieces that include necklaces, bracelets, bangles, anklets, kid’s rings and rings for men and women.

Shop Handmade MCJ Sterling Silver Rings Online in India

Modern culture jewelry has a range of diversely styled 925 sterling silver rings that are handmade to a standard of perfection to accentuate every occasion and wrap everyone in fashion modest yet modishly.

Sterling Silver rings

These rings have been imparting shine on fingers since the 18th century. A 925 silver ring comprises 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, many people adulterate this minimum content with substandard quality metals but purity is of utmost importance at Modern culture Jewelry.

The Modern Culture Jewelry rings are handmade with expertise and stamped for purity assurance, these silver rings have hypoallergenic properties due to the premium composition and snug your finger for a comfortable fit though looking impeccably stylish.

These kinds of rings have engulfed the ring market in light of being most durable, light on pocket and they come in the widest range of silver ring design.

Oxidized Silver Rings

The procedure of oxidizing jewelry pieces dates back to the 11th century and the manner sprawled to become a trend to embellish modern jewelry pieces.

The composition of real silver rings makes it obsolete to oxidize them whereas sterling silver rings can gleam with oxidized grace in gradation of black hues making them appear antique.

Modern culture jewelry has a stunning range of oxidized silver rings that personify sophistication and each ring is designed to become a trendsetter.  

Some adorned with gemstones and kundans while some with silver ankle bells, all the Modern culture Jewelry rings are sure to make a standout in your collection and make you a head turner in the crowd.

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings stepped into the world of jewelry in the late 1930s and came into limelight during the 1940s - 50s. These are self-proclaiming having a distinct charisma to accent the hand individually.

Generally large in size, these statement rings  are engineered with an outsized center gemstone that is further outlined by tiny stones to lock the look.

These rings are a perfect accessory for a dinner date or a night party and can be a part of any ensemble to light up the appearance.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings mark their presence to be the first kinds of rings ever witnessed, acknowledging the Egyptians for it.

These rings symbolize love, devotion and hold a special thrust towards a lifetime commitment that marks an important beginning of life thus should be as pure and calming as silver.

Engagement rings are available in gold, platinum and silver while the silver engagement rings promise an enduring lifespan and a comfortable wear. The engagement rings come in an assortment of rings for women and in varied silver rings design for men to choose from.

Couple Band Rings

These rings bring forth the ultra-modernism facet of the era.

The couple band rings come in a pair of harmonizing designs for both man and woman to flaunt their relationship status stylishly.  The bands are minimal style rings that usually possess a small sized stone and can be customized with name and date engravings to impart a personal approach.

Rings silently speak the wearer’s heart and mind. The silver rings can be worn in all the fingers and each jeweled finger has a different significance.  

Ring for Little finger -

Wearing a ring in the little or pinky finger symbolizes self love. Mostly women are seen accenting their little fingers with a dainty ring in self obsession.  

Ring for Ring Finger –

The ring finger also termed as ‘Vein of love finger’ has a vein that directly connects it to the heart. The ring worn in this finger symbolizes engaged status and boasts eternal love, creativity and beauty.

Ring for Middle Finger –

Responsibility and balance are credited to the middle finger, thus the rings accentuating this finger grab attention and symbolize power and stability.

Ring for Index Finger –

The rings on index fingers symbolize differently for men and women.

A woman wearing a ring in the index finger may signify her marital status and love while for a man it represents power and is a strong statement of confidence.

Rings for thumb –

Freedom and independence are the two small words with gigantic and rebellious meanings hidden inside, so is the significance of the thumb ring; the bigger the ring, the more liberty a person tries to express.

Nowadays men and women wear a set of complementing rings in all the fingers that are placed randomly but signify style, trend and panache.