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Mcj Silver Bangles Online at Best Prices

Bangles have been accentuating women’s wrists for the past 5,000 years, an invention during Mohenjo-daro civilization.

Unlike today’s bangles that come in various formulations of gold, glass, silver and platinum; the ancient wrist adornments were made from shells, metal, wood and plastic. 

Since then, bangles have been a pride of Indian women, these ornaments have evolved a lot in terms of their shapes and designs. 

Modern culture jewelry, a brand of sterling silver 925 jewelry presents an exclusive assortment of sterling silver bangles to enhance your looks and upscale your style quotient. The brand has office wear jewelry and casual jewelry to suit your lifestyle for a polished appearance. 

Benefits of 925 Silver Bangles For Women

 A 925 sterling silver is a malleable metal that facilitates the craftsman to carve out miraculously stunning jewelry pieces. 

And in this cutting edge era of fashion, you dare not to be fashionable; but being a spendthrift is not the key, so gifting yourself an array of sterling jewellery can make your style gleaming and your pocket happier. If you are a person who searches for  

pure silver bangles for ladies with price, then this is a high time that you should look for modest options and that is sterling silver.

Modern culture jewelry bangles are handmade beauties formulated in 925 silver to make a standout addition in your collection. 

Affordable Rage Of Silver Bangles Design

Modern culture jewelry is a nest consisting of varied birds; meet such a fashion mate here by the name of Green onyx silver bangle. 

Make your presence louder with ghungroo bangles silver!!! 

These are chandi bangles with pretty adornments of ankle bells. The set of ghungroos may be adjoined in a manner to form the whole bangle shape or may be affixed as a dangler but either of the two makes just sure to enhance your style with great poise. 

You can also opt for oxidized bangles with latkan to give your ensembles a vintage yet voguish look.

 Silver Bracelets

These are fashion accessories that came into existence even before bangles enrolled their steps. The bracelets especially silver bracelets are made to impress with the urbane expression they divulge.

Choose from our range of eloquent pearl silver bracelets to indulge in a luxurious affair of elegance and style. Some in rose gold pearls – Rose gold pearls bracelet and few in natural white cultured pearls – Pull String pearl bracelet; but each of them sets your quotient on high flare.

The brand also has a stone silver bracelet - Butterfly trail silver bracelet.


Kid’s Silver Bangles

Fashion is for everyone; even the kids want to walk on the style street. Elevate your kid’s personality with a baby silver bangle that has a buttery smooth texture.

With so many options for ladies silver bangle; is your mind puzzled about its styling manner?

Follow our curated guidance for a fashion faithful appearance.

Designer Silver Jewelry Suitable For Office


The office jewelry should have simplicity in it though being fashionable, pearl bracelets can elegantly accompany you to office hours yet upscaling your approach towards style.

The everyday accessories need not be lackluster like a gold plated silver kada!!!

The casual accessories should have a carefree fit with robust construction though should gleam with stylish radiance; like our ruby and green onyx sterling silver bangles that can surely behoove your lifestyle with a trendy grace.

Silver Jewelry For Special Occasions

These accessories ought to possess some diva factor to garnish the ensembles. Choose either gemstone silver bangles for a subtle and classic look or white rhodium bangles for a starry appearance.

But remember adorning a confident smile is mandatory!!!!

FAQs for MCJ Bangles

Is 925 silver good quality?

Certainly, a jewelry piece engineered in sterling silver 925 is of good quality and has calming properties yet being skin friendly; like our 925 silver jewelry pieces have an accurate composition that shines with purity and each of the ornaments is stamped for the assurance.

How much does silver kada cost?

The weight of the kada and the craftsmanship vary, the cost, more is the weight and labor included, the higher will be the cost.

Is it good to wear a silver bangle?

Silver is a metal with numerous benefits subsequently wearing silver bangles that benefits the wearer with its healing attributes and remains light on pocket too.

What bangles are trending?

Be a trendsetter by adorning sterling silver 925 bangles, Modern Culture Jewelry has a stunning range of trendy bangles that promise versatile looks with comfortable fit.

What is the benefit of wearing bangles?

Bangles are fashion faithful accessories that are worn on the wrist, the friction caused by the bangles stabilizes the blood circulation in the wearer’s body.