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Latest Mcj Sterling Silver Ring Collections

Rings have been enhancing the beauty of hands for the past 5000 years. The style saga started from Ancient Egypt where the symbol of eternity was conceptualized into bands to be worn on the fingers. As a circle has no end so it represents infinity, subsequently rings were made in circular forms.


Initially this hand accessory was handmade in precious metals for the rich segment and the poor segment of society wore bands made from stones, shells and animal bones. 

Gradually, rings were accepted by people of the whole world and every region started formulating rings in their own style with different materials. 

The Victorian Era has witnessed many jewelry style inventions and the sterling silver rings were one of their best gifts to the sparkling world. 

In the 13th century, King Edward I of England declared that silver rings should be made with 92.5% silver part and the remaining part constitutes copper alloys.

The Victorian era 925 sterling silver rings were made with precious and semi precious gemstones and were all handmade beauties with perfect craftsmanship.

Stylish 925 Silver Rings Online For Regular Wear: Mcj Jewels

Gradually the jewelry manufacturers started using machines for making jewelry pieces with dissolving the essence of handmade originality. 

Every handmade silver jewelry product has an individuality and mcj jewels knows everyone loves to be distinct. You can find a stunning assortment of 925 sterling silver rings at the portal that are handmade with expertise and purity. With the whole range, the brand presents you a detailed guideline of the varied sorts of a 925 silver ring.

A Wide Range of Silver Rings to Choose From Mcj

Adorn each of the styles appropriately and according to the occasion to magnetize gazes towards your hands.

Silver Band Ring

These cute bands can be plain or can have embellishments of gemstones on it making them appropriate as formal wear as they give a subtle look. There are options for men's silver band rings and women's band rings that come as a matching pair to show affection in a relationship towards each other.

The band rings were originally made by ancient Egyptians for expressing love to their counterparts and since their inception, bands have been connecting people with love.

Nowadays, there are various options available for sterling silver rings for couples that are gaining much fame amongst the crowd.

These can be a perfect gift for an anniversary or if you and your partner want to compliment each other in every facet at your wedding, then these unique couple rings can be your gateway.

Jewelry is a form of expressing your unsaid emotions. If you want to show your love to your girlfriend, you can surely give her a silver heart ring, it is sort of a band ring but with a heart shape pattern on it.

These are minimal rings that rest silently on the wearer’s fingers yet shout out loud in style. Visit our portal for amazing sterling silver band rings that give an unmatched look to your hands, one such is the multi stone silver band ring.

Casual Silver Rings

Casual or everyday rings should be sturdy enough to endure the daily wear and tear and an 925 ring is the best option for a value for money stylish approach.

MCJ silver rings have robust constructions and each piece is fashion faithful to make your every path a fashion ramp. The brand offers an exquisite range of oxidized silver rings that make an impeccable style statement. Each of the 925 silver rings is handmade to a standard of perfection, the rings are strong enough to become your heirlooms.

Each of the silver rings designs are contemporary style with an essence of Indian tradition in them such chandi ring design is a timeless beauty that can benefit anyone.

Pro tip- The oxidized rings can grace up cotton printed sarees distinctively for an elegant guise.

India is a land that has a special love for the nine yards attire, sarees have had a special involvement in accentuating Indian women’s appearances. There are a lot of ornaments to enhance the ensemble’s grace like a kamarband and a silver key ring.

Grace The Wedding Season With Beautiful Silver Jewelry!!!

Gone are the days when silver jewelry was just a simple traditional ornament, now is the era of fashion, trends and style statements and sterling silver jewelry pieces are those fashion faithful accessories that everyone needs to outshine the crowd.

Weddings require each person to accessorize in an unparalleled manner, the pretty silver jhumkas, toe rings like a pair in jodvi design, accessories that beautify your neckline and hand accessories are the most popular silver jewelry pieces to adorn.

Heading to a beach trip? choose summer silver rings !!!!

Sterling Silver is a blessed metal that allows flexibility in designing, thereafter people can relish upon the fantastic creations. There are sterling rings that look perfect for beaches, like a butterfly ring silver or a turtle silver ring can make your pictures perfectly fine tuned for beach diaries.

Rings For Cocktail Nights

You will be amazed to witness the varied style of sterling rings studded with gemstones to rock your look at night parties. There is an array of such rings at our portal that will surely upscale your appearance at any cocktail party.

Statement rings at mcj jewels are topped with oxidized finish to rule the ethnic world, there are rings with white rhodium and yellow micron finishes too to brighten up your special and everyday ensembles.

You can find all sorts of jewelry to stylize your look at MCJ Jewels web portal; from ears to neck and from hands to toes the brand offers everything for everyone.


Are sterling silver rings real silver?

There is a slight difference between real silver and sterling silver; the real silver contains 99.9% silver while the sterling silver has 92.5% pure silver and remaining contents are of copper. Many jewelry manufacturers deceive people with substandard 925 silver jewelry by replacing copper with nickel. You can find supreme quality and nickel free 925 sterling silver jewelry pieces at MCJ Jewels.

How much is a 925 sterling silver ring worth?

The ring’s cost purely depends upon its weight and labor included, more the weight and finer the craftsmanship; higher will be the cost of a 925 ring yet comparatively will be lower than a pure silver ring. Find value for money sterling silver rings at MCJ Jewels portal.

What is difference between sterling silver and 925 silver?

There is no difference between the two terms, this metal is termed by various names like - sterling silver, sterling silver 925, 925 silver , s925. 

Can you wear sterling silver everyday?

Yes, sterling silver accessories are meant to be worn as everyday accessories.  It is astonishing to know that wearing the sterling silver jewelry pieces on a daily basis endures their quality as the natural oils secreted from our skin sustains them for a longer span.

Find an irresistible assortment of casual accessories at MCJ Jewels that will surely lure you to adorn them everyday.

How do you clean sterling silver?

Cleaning sterling silver is as simple as unboxing and wearing it. Make a DIY solution with some liquid dishwash and lukewarm water, dip your sterling pieces in the solution and scrub it with a baby toothbrush. Rinse it and wipe it with a clean cloth and there you have your shining jewelry back in your hands.

Are sterling silver rings worth it?

Sterling silver rings are worth every penny; these not only upscale you in terms of fashion by being light on pocket but also possess the goodness of silver furthermore prove to be healing and calming for the wearer.