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Oxidised Rings

Buy Oxidised Rings Online From Mcj Jewels

You might have encountered oxidized jewelry very frequently in recent years. From contemporary jewelry to art jewelry, oxidized ones have stood the test of time. The idea isn’t new and is inspired by centuries-back tribal jewelry that gives an edgy and boho look to your look. Silver has been a desirable metal for ages and had been considered to be second in value after gold by ancient people.

Most items of sterling silver jewelry are hypoallergenic depending on the alloy used, the most common alloying material being copper. Not only this, but silver has some magical antibacterial properties that can be used as a preventative measure against infection. You can look for many forms of jewelry in silver metal but what is most unique is the oxidised ring.

These metal hoops around the finger have become the pure and romantic bond of love between you and your loved ones. The elegance, glow, and beauty it brings can’t be put into words. Also, its uniqueness is that it has been for both men and women traditionally and never goes out of the trend. Let’s jump straight into knowing more about silver oxidized rings.

Silver is the new gold: The Latest Collection Of Oxidised Rings

Silver oxidized rings have been worn by men and women for ages, especially considering the kind of design and finishing they have in recent times. You can always pair them with formal and casual clothing. A stunningly gorgeous oxidized finger ring says something unique about your personality to the people around you.

Incredible 925 Silver Rings

The best part about oxidized silver rings is that they are built in 92.5% of pure silver. You may want 100% pure silver, right? That’s mainly because pure silver can be too delicate and soft and can’t be experimented with in many designs. And we can’t ignore the fact that oxidized silver rings or jewelry are not as expensive as they might look.

Wear them daily, why just for a party? You can stand out in terms of fashion by wearing some classy and statement rings which others might not dare to wear;

Statement Rings with No Limits

The uber funky big oxidized rings with outstanding shapes are cool for the daring kind of people. We're talking statement rings with no boundaries and many stacked sides by side. People tend to wear them to look bold and confident in their style. Since wearing several large rings is already a statement, we recommend sticking to the same metal in one hand, meaning no layering of two or more metals in this case.

Classic Statement Look

If you are more of a simple and bohemian type and like the statement idea, go for one item with a characteristic design and an everlasting look. Tanzanite Silver Band Ring from Mcj collection is sleek, beautiful, and studded with tanzanite stone will be perfect on a bare hand. Similarly, Crown Band 925 Sterling Silver Ring studded with seven Pink Tourmaline gemstones can be a great example of statement jewelry that is timeless and chic. You will find many more designs in our collection that will fulfill your appetite for a ring.

Gifting a Bunch of Emotions in Oxidised Rings

The ring symbolizes eternal love between two people. Therefore, it is gifted by both sides as a symbol of the unification of two hearts. Be it your mother, or your spouse you can always think of gifting something and making them feel loved head over heels. And there is no better way of surprising your close ones, than gifting a funky oxidized ring that is designed in a million different ways and styles.

Choose the right ring that is an extension of your spouse’s personality. It can be more significant if customized with their initials, zodiacs, or any special motif. So why not give a silver oxidized ring, paired with a sleek and aesthetic oxidized bracelet? Mcj Jewels have different categories for gifts named after a birthday gift or an anniversary.

Effortless Care

You can increase the life of oxidized silver rings by keeping them in a dry area and storing them properly. In contrast, you can put the Silver Jewellery in the jewelry boxes as well, but make sure you don’t mix them with others. You can also try a jewelry protectant spray, this would let the upper layer react with the environment and tarnish.

Avoid wrapping up your silver oxidized jewelry in a piece of newspaper or placing it on wood as the chemicals in newspaper ink as well as treated wood can also react to your jewelry resulting in tarnish. Store your silver jewelry with items that can help absorb moisture such as chalk, felt, and silica gel. Otherwise, there is always a case of re-oxidation at our store.

How to take care of Silver Jewelry?

Even though there are ways to minimize the chances of tarnish, it is unfortunately pretty much inevitable that your silver jewelry is going to become somewhat tarnished at some point in its lifetime. But can tarnished silver be restored? While it may depend on exactly how tarnished your jewelry is, you will be very happy to know that, all is not lost, you can remove tarnish from your jewelry and return it to its original eminence.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Being a customer, we know how cautious you’d be about the cleaning and maintenance of your jewelry. Therefore, it’s our duty to clear our minds. You can restore the shine and eminence of silver rings with gentle cleaning and brushing. However, be sure that you strictly avoid the use of polish that contains ammonia and bleach. Moreover, you can take the help of a microfiber cloth as it is ideal for cleaning. A tablespoon of salt and bleaching powder in warm water also helps to get the luster back.

Why should you buy Oxidised Rings from Mcj Jewels?

We have a wide collection of silver rings – from classical patterns to chic modern-day customized ones. It’s our commitment to help you stand out of the crowd when it comes to jewelry and keep up with forefront trends. Wearing a sterling silver ring will surely make you look outgoing for any outing. Thus, we just keep on crafting the highest quality oxidized Jewelry like oxidized earrings, oxidized anklets, etc. Make it color different this time.

We don’t just craft a piece of jewelry but, we craft the passion you’ll have for wearing silver. Mcj Jewels avail you of the most beautifully curated silver oxidized jewelry that is crafted by our skilled team. Our sterling silver rings are researched and then crafted by experienced craftsmen. Most people are apprehensive about buying jewelry online because of its authenticity. Most items of our oxidized silver jewelry have a hallmark to identify their purity. You can be sure of our quality and purity in every possible way.

The silver rings at Mcj Jewels are available in a plethora of oxidized ring designs and styles. In addition to them, we also have an option of personalizing jewelry with something close to your heart. Thus, if you have a design in mind like your birth sign, zodiac sign, or others, you can get it done by Mcj jewels. In fact, you can buy silver rings with precious stones like Ruby, pearls, and different colored stones encrusted in multiple ways.

“If you can’t get over thinking about Oxidized Rings, why don’t you reach us?”

Your wardrobe is incomplete without a chic oxidized silver ring. Hurry up, get your closure of the wardrobe from our website with an ample number of designs and varieties. You can also glance at our oxidized toe rings, oxidized bangles, oxidized anklets, etc. To know more about oxidized jewelry, feel free to reach out to Mcj Jewels. Your jewelry is just a click away.


What is oxidized jewelry made of?

Silver is an ideal metal for oxidation. Pure silver is hard to react with sulfur. Therefore, sterling silver is used. Sterling silver is specifically an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloying material by mass. It can be adulterated to a level of 80% silver to 20% other metals like copper, zinc, etc. It is made to react with sulfur to give a black layer on the outer of the jewelry which makes it look different from pure silver.

How do you clean oxidized jewelry?

Silver is an ideal metal for oxidation. Pure silver is hard to react with sulfur. Therefore, sterling silver is used. Sterling silver is specifically an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloying material by mass. It can be adulterated to a level of 80% silver to 20% other metals like copper, zinc, etc. It is made to react with sulfur to give a black layer on the outer of the jewelry which makes it look different from pure silver.

Can we wear oxidized jewelry?

Yes, oxidized jewelry is the trend of the town, it is also good for health and acupressure that manages your blood circulation of the body. It has hypoallergenic medical benefits which make it fit to wear, unlike other metals which may react with your skin and give you boils on the body. You can wear Mcj Jewelry with no fear and make your look more chic and enhanced.


Is oxidized silver real?

Oxidized silver is an alloy of real silver, adulterated to a level from 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% metal to 80% pure silver and the rest of other metals. Due to silver’s extreme malleability, sterling silver rings are easily resized. It is generally the more affordable option due to it being less pure. However, that’s not a bad thing – sterling silver jewelry is the most durable type of silver as it is incredibly hard-wearing and robust.

What is the oxidized silver ring?

An oxidized silver ring is a sterling silver metal reacted with sulfur to give it a blackness and rusty look. A ring is a simple metal hoop that is made to wear on fingers. It can be worn by men and women both which is why it has become a symbol of love.