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Buy Beads Bracelet To Bring Positivity

Every bead gemstone is known to have a unique secret power to induce divine healing. This practice dates back centuries, from Indian Ayurveda to ancient Chinese medicines as well as several other ancient civilizations. They made beads bracelet with natural stones to wear to carry this mystical power with them every day. Each bracelet carried a different element, whether it was for health, prosperity, courage, power, fortune or confidence.

The MCJ Jewels offers a versatile assortment of beads bracelets and each of the bracelets is unique in its own way, the bracelets are formulated to upscale anyone’s style statement, ranging from everyday accessory to office wear. 

From a finely carved silver chain bracelet to silver bead bracelet, the brand has it all. There is an array of beautifully designed gemstone bracelets that have association of birthstones; that furthermore benefit the wearer in a different manner providing a distinctive sense of style.

But in this era of tightly packed schedules and hustle bustle of life, everyone needs healing of mind and soul for increased productivity and this efficiency can be procured by simply wearing a healing stone bracelet.

Visit the Mcj online brand’s web store for a wide range of such bracelets; the store also showcases other statement sterling silver jewelries that are simply irresistible.  

3 Reasons why you should wear Natural Beads Bracelets

There are so many reasons to buy and wear stone bracelets, some of these reasons are mentioned below.

  • Traditional Designs
    Today most people like to wear gemstone bracelets due to their exquisite traditional look. That enhances his/her beauty. You can choose a wide range of popular healing crystal bead bracelets. These include sapphire, quartz, amethyst & others.
  • Timeless Beauty
    If you want to get a stylish and elegant look, then a bead gemstone bracelet is only the best option for you. This gemstone bracelet takes back the timeless beauty of ancient times. Which you will not find in artificial jewelry.
  • Stylishness Look
    If you are looking for a stylish look for you then gemstone bracelets are what you want for you.

Aesthetic Significance of Mcj Bead Bracelets

Anyhow there are various options of aesthetic bead bracelets available in marketplaces that impart stylish vibes with customized name blocks or other embellishments, also there are specially designed beads bracelet for mens.

The healing bead bracelets are beautifully composed with differently hued beads that form a natural gradation of colors. These are generally unsiex bracelets but still can be differentiated on the basis of color combinations, as some with feminine tones like pink beaded bracelet is generally categorized as beaded bracelets for women while the ones with beads in bluish or blackish and muted tones are preferred by males and are generally considered best choices as men’s beaded bracelets.

Importance of a Beads Bracelet

Our forefathers were well acquainted with our body’s internal insight and so wearing healing bead bracelets has been a practice since then and not only India is the country that has witnessed these traditional jewellery wears but the whole world has its inscriptions.

A mesmerizing attribute of these sort of bracelets is they are made by stringing together various stones so a natural stone bracelet has its own uniqueness hence none of the bracelets are the same and this characteristic makes the wearer distinct too.

Beads Bracelet For Health Benefits

Our body is an amalgamation of seven chakras and in order to lead a successful life; all these chakras should be well balanced. These little chakras are energy points that maintain our mind’s peace and create a smooth synchronization among all the body organs. 

Meditation has always been considered the best remedy to enhance these positive energy houses. But in today’s busy lifestyle there are almost obsolete chances to wake up early to meditate and here these crystal bracelets or bead bracelets serve as a resort.

Various kinds of beads for bracelets have a varied importance and impact on the wearer, so it’s important to identify one’s problem prior to buying beads accessories for the best outcome.

Putting some light upon different sorts of bracelets that are distinguished by their bracelet beads. 

Lava Stone Bracelet

This is a black beauty that roars high with style in pure elegance.


  • The Lava stone bracelet beads are a great conductor of strength and are said to connect the wearer to earth.
  • The calming properties of the black beads instill courage in the wearer. 
  • Pacifies anger by relieving stress and anxiety. 
  • This is a great and the most convenient remedy for getting a good sleep as the bead’s properties tend to relieve all the worries from the wearer's mind. 
  • If you feel uncomfortable while wearing it while asleep, this bracelet can show its magic even if kept under the pillow. 
  • These look equally good on both men and women.
  • Best suits people who fall under Taurus and Cancer zodiac signs.

The lava rocks are naturally formulated with high absorbency power, so adding any essential oil to these tiny rocks can escalate the wearer’s experience and expedite the healing process. 

7 Chakra Bracelet

This is an incredibly beneficial bracelet as it creates a flawless balance among all the seven chakras. 

  • Promotes mental health that ultimately leads to a healthy well being. 
  • These kinds of bracelets are available in either all the multi stones looped together or more of lava stone and less of other stones, however bracelets with more lava stones have more aesthetic values. 
  • The bracelet usually includes quartz( maintains brain chakra), green fluorite( maintains heart chakra), tiger’s eye( maintains plexus chakra), sodalite( throat chakra), amethyst ( third eye chakra), red jasper( root chakra), red aventurine ( sacral chakra). 
  • This bracelet removes all the hindrances coming in your success path by opening all the chakras.
  • The 7 chakra bracelet enhances inner strength thus increases productivity. 
  • Suitable for everyone. 

Tiger Eye Bracelet

A happy mind and a healthy body while roller skating gloriously on successful paths is a goal for everyone. 

  • Like the tiger eye bracelet has courage and vitality, so is this gemstone blessed to maintain these qualities. 
  • The colors actually are a replica of a tiger's eye - brownish to yellowish black. 
  • These beads bracelet designs balance your solar plexus chakra that is located in the stomach. 
  • Imbalance of solar plexus chakra may lead to fatigue, obesity, poor digestion that becomes the house for many diseases and ultimately gives low self esteem.
  • A smiling tummy gives positive vibrations to mind thus the mind works more effectively. 
  • Ignites and adds oil to the wearer’s self confidence.
  • People under Gemini Zodiac sign and with birth numbers 2 and 7 can relish upon the benefits of this bracelet. 

Couple Beads Bracelet

A couple bead bracelet or a long distance relationship bracelet is a matching set of bracelets that reminds both the partners of each other. 

  • The pair is usually chosen on the basis of stone that balances heart chakra - rose quartz, malachite, amethyst are some beads that maintain an equilibrium in emotions.
  • The set can be any two of the healing bracelets like one with white stones and the other green or one with pink and the second can be of a purple set of beads.
  • It’s a subtle love symbol for both the persons that their soulmate is far off yet near to them. 

Rudraksh Beads Bracelet

Rudraksh has a direct accordance to Lord Shiva this is not only considered auspicious to be worn or gifted but also is believed to safeguard the wearer from all the negative energies and any unseen evils. 

  • Rudraksh is a naturally procured stone, it is a dried seed that falls off from a special species of a tree and according to Hindu mythology it is considered tears of Lord Shiva.
  • The Rudraksh has a calming effect on the wearer’s mind that provides inner strength to the soul. 
  • This kind of beading jewelry is considered to surround the person with a positive aura. 
  • Its properties improve the immune system and control anger. 
  • Rudraksha bracelet is a brownish gateway for peace, wealth, abundance and prosperity into the wearer’s life. 
  • As for the Lord, everyone stands on a similar ground; likewise this unisex bracelet can be worn by anyone, even kids can be nourished by the immense benefits of this sort of bracelet. 
  • This is also considered as a lucky bracelet and is a most curated men’s bracelet
  • The bracelet works more efficiently if it is worn on the dominant hand. 

Evil Eye Bead Bracelet

The evil eye jewelleries are composed with black smooth beads and a blue bead. 

  • The black beads safeguard from all the negativities and the blue beads wards off any evil eye coming towards the wearer. 
  • It is best to wear on the left hand as the left side of the body is considered as the emotional part according to the cosmos and has a tendency to penetrate negative energy.
  • There are numerous options of black beads bracelet for ladies with a beautiful assortment of healing beads.
  • One can find evil eye bracelets and anklets for kids too.
  • If your child falls sick quite soon or gets injured again and again then this is the best gift you can give to your kid.
  • These bracelets have become a fashion accessory and can also be hung in cars for a stylish car’s ambiance thus infusing positive aura and barricading any mishap.
  • The three colors in the evil eye bracelet have different significances- black protects against sorrow, blue stands against evil eye, white is for inner peace and a dash of pink infuses positivity.

Wooden Bead Bracelet

These are highly absorbent beads composed in a bracelet that facilitate pouring essential oil and can retain the fragrance for up to 2-3 days. 

  • A great remedy to cure sleep disorders.
  • If you are a person with a short temper, then this bracelet can be your buddy. 
  • Helpful for students as it increases concentration power. 
  • Flaunt a stylish raw looking wooden bead bracelet and keep negativity at bay.
  • It can even act as a room diffuser by simply putting essential oil and then it naturally diffuses magnificence. 

  • Always wear these bracelets with a positive mindset. 
  • Wearing a healing bracelet on the left wrist not only enhances the wrist’s beauty but also benefits the wearer more.
  • If you are a meditator then placing a healing bracelet in front of you while chanting mantras and practicing mediation amplifies the results with bundles of positivity. 
Wear 2-3 bracelets together as a set to create a Bohemian look and if one joins together all the bracelets with a ribbon or a string then it could turn into your unique boho bead bracelet.

Guide of Beads For Bracelets According To Planets

  • If a person’s Saturn is disturbed the amethyst bracelet is the most convenient remedy to eradicate the ongoing issues.
  • White beaded bracelets work best for people with disturbed Venus planets. 
  • Red beaded stone bracelet is for Mars planet related problems.
  • Tiger’s eye beads are to combat Jupiter related problems. 
  • Moon planet associated problems can be resolved by wearing pearls, MCJ Jewels has an array of stunning pearl bracelets and other pearl jewelleries.
  • Uranus planet can be healed by wearing a green beaded bracelet. 
  • Lapis lazuli bracelet is for people getting problems from the Neptune planet. 
  • A green bead bracelet strengthens inner self and infuses peace within by relaxing mind and soul.


What does a bead bracelet mean? 

A bead bracelet is a healing stretchable bracelet that is worn on preferably the left wrist. 

The bead bracelets are composed of crystals that have calming properties, the bracelets may contain similar stones or multi- purpose stones like an amethyst bracelet will have only amethyst beads while a 7 chakra bracelet will have multiple beads in it.


MCJ Jewels offers a range of  the best quality and authentic beaded bracelets, visit the brand’s web store for numerous options of such bracelets.

What is the purpose of wearing a bracelet?

The whole day our body and mind works a lot but does not get proper rest and for this, today’s lifestyle has to be blamed. So simply adorning a bead bracelet helps to bounce back the freshness of mind and maintain a harmony among the body's chakras(7 energy points).

The bead bracelets also play an essential role in strengthening weak planets according to numerology and astrology; these can be worn according to birth numbers and zodiac signs thus providing a blissful life. Bead bracelets also have a great aesthetic value as these are stunning fashion accessories and are usually unisex. 

Which wrist do you wear a bracelet on?

The left side of our body is considered to be the emotional or feminine side and negative energies penetrate the body from the body's left portion, so a healing bracelet should always be worn on the left wrist but exceptionally a Rudraksha bracelet requires to be worn only on the dominant hand. However aesthetic bead bracelets are just worn for style, thus can be worn either of the wrists.

Why do guys wear bead bracelets?

Either a male or a female, everyone needs something for solace and nothing else can beat a stylish beaded bracelet. These are chic fashion accessories that provide an optional solution for a happier mind and a healthier body which eventually promotes productivity, furthermore is a step forward towards leading a successful life.

Visit MCJ Jewels website for various options of unisex and couple bracelets to make your everyday stylish and trendy.

Which arm should a woman wear a bracelet?

Women love to stylise their looks whether at home or office they need their each appearance to be fashion faithful, the healing bracelets should be worn on the left arm’s wrist but a Rudraksha bracelet should always be worn on the dominant arm’s wrist.

MCJ Jewels is a house of astonishing statement jewelry that women love to be styled with; there is a beautiful assortment of bracelets that are office friendly, some are fit for casual day outings and some can make your candle lit dinner dates more stylish.

How do I find the right size bracelet?

The bead bracelets are usually stretchable bracelets so there are no size issues. One can find a wide variety of bracelets at MCJ Jewels web store that fit everyone's lifestyle and each bracelet is given a unique touch as all the jewellery pieces are handmade.